Build A Tribe Part 1. Why

Humans evolved in small tribes and even now our brains crave the safety and security found in being part of a group. Yet modern life seems to work against this crucial part of our makeup. Our lives are filled with endless chores and activities that separate us from one another rather than keep us together. Loneliness is the new smoking in the way that it affects our health.
To be healthy, be part of a tribe. Develop a group of friends that do stuff together. Repeated scientific studies have shown people with an active social life involving strong bonds to a larger group end up living a longer, healthier life. The basis for the group doesn't matter so much. It could be a close knit set of coworkers, neighbors, people who hang out at the same neighborhood bar or donut show, church, or sports group. What matters is that the members care for and support each other. Successes and milestones are celebrated, sorrows and hardship are comforted, traditions and rituals are developed. These shared experiences are the things that bond the tribe members together through thick and thin. The resulting sense of attachment and comfort along with the sense of something to look forward to have amazingly beneficial effects on the mind, body, and soul!
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