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The Blood Sugar Pill

Vitamins & Supplements

The Gut Pill

Dietary Supplement

The Blood Pressure Pill

MAINTAIN YOUR CIRCULATION De-stress your heart and circulatory system for proper blood flow.

The Serenity Pill

LEVEL YOUR MOOD Build confidence and reduce mood swings for a more serene life.

The Brain Pill

SMARTEN YOUR BRAIN Power up your brain by increasing neural connectivity maintaining focus, & improving cranial blood flow

The Immune Pill

DEFEND YOUR BODY Support and strengthen both you innate and active immune systems.

The Liver Pill

CLEANSE YOUR BODY Power up and protect your liver so it can detoxify you.

The Uric Acid Pill

STOP THE PAIN #2 Keep your joints & Extremities clean and pain-free

The Libido Pill

INCREASE YOUR POWER Support & grow the love in your life.

The Stone Breaker Pill

STOP YOUR PAIN #1 Clarify and flush your kidneys and gall bladder.