The Liver Pill

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Many early cultures considered the liver to be the most important organ for good health, even more so than the heart. The liver is responsible for keeping the body clean and free of toxins, making it your primary, internal guardian....

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Many early cultures considered the liver to be the most important organ for good health, even more so than the heart. The liver is responsible for keeping the body clean and free of toxins, making it your primary, internal guardian. Your ancestors knew an optimally functioning liver is the foundation for a healthy life.

The Liver Pill Story

The wife watched her husband, the tribe’s leader, with a sigh. Times have been good. The perfect weather combined with the rich soil of their valley had led to an excellent harvest while the surrounding mountains teemed with game. The whole tribe seems to have grown fat and happy in their new home. The increased happiness was in part due to the discovery of a plentiful grass seed that easily turned into a fine-tasting beer. Life was good…and the woman was wise enough to know that this would cause its own sorts of problems. Too much beer, too much food, and not enough hard work was as bad for the body as too little food, no beer, and bone-breaking labor. After years of such hardships her man and many of the rest of the tribe were now taking advantage of this time of plenty. She knew the indulgences of good times were often bad for the liver, clogging it, weakening it, and hardening it. She was wise enough to know the good times are when you prepare for the bad times. A bit of body fat was a type of insurance against later times of hunger in the harsh winter but maintaining and supporting the liver during good times was necessary. The woman knew what was coming and had already begun collecting the plants needed to help her family and the community. The herbs she gathered would be added to the daily diet of the tribe, keeping them strong and ready for life.

Throughout ancient times and cultures the liver was held in high regards, often considered even more important than the heart. When the hunt was successful, the game’s heart would be given to the hunter that slayed the beast but the honor of eating the liver was given to the tribal leader. It was known even in prehistory that a strong liver was the key to health. They only vaguely knew that the liver cleaned the body of toxins and waste. If someone’s liver wasn’t working right or had been damaged the resulting overall weakness and corruption were easily seen. The tribal medicine men and women around the world were tasked with finding ways to maintain the liver and much success in this was achieved with certain surprisingly common plants. The effectiveness of these plants was shown repeatedly over thousands of years of use.

A change occurred several hundred years ago. Science replaced experience. From the labs of chemists came strange molecules, pure powders and liquids believed to be better than crude plant extracts at helping the human body. Purity gave repeatability which gave confidence…even at the loss of some effectiveness or increase in odd side effects. True, there were some amazing creations…and many that would be considered failures when judged honestly. During this age of scientific hubris, some of the scientists rejected the new and devoted their studies to the old, the ancient. The plants that had once healed the tribe were carefully teased apart, studying the powers of the individual molecules they contained, studying the miracles of which they were capable. In this quest for understanding the components a universal truth was discovered…alone is weak, together is strong. No one molecule could be found that when used alone gave the benefits of using the entire leaf, flower, or root.

  • ANCESTRAL WISDOM - The Medicine Man Plant Co. formula unleashes the advanced natural powers of ancient herbs to rescue plus clean the liver of both men and women.
  • NATURAL HERBAL FORMULA - MILK THISTLE SEED EXTRACT-800 mg: Milk thistle tea was used as a liver regenerator and to cleanse a fatty liver by Romans. Studies of its silimarina and silymarin complex support damaged liver tissue.* BURDOCK ROOT-800 mg: Ancient Chinese knew this root supports active liver detox and liver health to flush the liver, maintaining optimal body health.* FLAXSEED-800mg: The choline and omega-3 fatty acids in this ancient seed increases the bioavailability of the milk thistle extract, offers extra liver aid and also general heart health.*
  • DETOXIFIER, CLEANSER, TONIC: The use of these herbs and seeds to reduce fatty liver issues, improve the strength of liver action, and offer protection from alcohol and other liver toxins is supported by scientific research.* A fresh, clean liver is smart for a healthy life!
  • ETHNOBOTANY & CHEMISTRY COMBINED: Designed by patent owning, Ph.D. chemist, prominent medicinal plant forager, and author Dr. Mark Merriwether Vorderbruggen, this blend taps the experiences of the ancient herbalists while also being supported by modern research.
  • TRUSTED QUALITY: Responsibly sourced and harvested, non-GMO, 3rd Party tested for pesticides and heavy metals, minimally processed using cGMP standards to maintain the integrity of compounds. MM Plant Co. is 100% confident in The Liver Pill. If for any reason at all you're not satisfied, simply contact us and we'll make it right.

The earliest recorded use of milk thistle for the liver are found in the writings of the Roman Legion physician, pharmacologist, and botanist Pedanius Dioscorides, who wrote the medicinal text De Materia Medica over two thousand years ago. His knowledge of this and many other plants had been passed down to him, healer to healer, from the dawn of prehistory. Living during the times of Emperor Nero and his fellow Romans wild indulgences, issues of the liver were a primary concern. The power of milk thistle seeds is still used today. Science has found little better than the extract of compounds referred to as silymarin to treat liver issues even as extreme as mushroom poisoning that targets the liver for quick destruction.

Silymarin: Silybins A&B, silychristin, and silydianin are just some of the complex mixture of flavonolignan molecules collectively referred to as silymarin. Human studies show these compounds stimulate the regrowth of lost liver cells, speed up the liver’s own detoxification mechanisms, inhibit cellular growth of certain cancers including prostate, breast, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and head/neck tumors.* They also have been found to increase the effectiveness of certain chemotherapy drugs.*(1) Because of the molecular structure of silymarins they may be an antagonist for cytosolic estrogen receptor beta. This may increase estrogen levels in a manner which has been found to help with the memory loss due to Alzheimer’s.* This molecular structure also limits the silymarin’s solubility in water. To be made bioavailable, it needs to be combined with fats and oils.

Like milk thistle, the earliest signs of flaxseed are from ago along the Mediterranean sea. 30,000 years ago it was being cultivated in the Syrian portion of Fertile Crescent for food, fabric (linen), and to make dye from its small, blue flowers. Because of its many uses it had spread to farming communities throughout Europe 5,000 years ago. Flaxseeds are a great source of dietary fiber, protein, and minerals such as iron, calcium, manganese, thiamin, magnesium, phosphorus, and copper. More importantly, they’re also loaded with the beneficial oil phosphatidylcholine, a subclass of and omega-3 fatty acids.

Phosphatidylcholines: Consisting of two long carbon chains connected to a nitrogen/oxygen/phosphorous moiety, this phospholipid is a major part of cellular membranes inside and on the surface of human cells. More importantly, it can wrap around other long carbon-chain molecules, separating them from each other for increased bioavailability.* Being an omega-3 fatty acid, there are is much research on the powerful supportive properties of this and several other flaxseed oils for the brain, heart, & cardiovascular system, diabetes, and cancer suppression.*

In the brain, flaxseed oils can play a role in the proper pre- and post-natal brain development.* Later on it has been found to help modulate behavior and mood, especially depression, hyperactivity, and poor spatial memory.*

Flaxseed has been shown to lower both systolic and diastolic blood pressure by reducing the amount of harmful buildup of bad lipids and overall inflammation in blood vessels.*

Tumor growth in breast cancers was slowed and potentially even prevented by taking 25g of flaxseed daily.* The lignans found in flaxseed are nonsteroidal phytoestrogens. Once they enter the human digestive system demethylation followed by dehydrogenation occurs converting them into enterolactones. At this stage they enter the blood from the large intestine. Studies have shown increased concentration of enterolactones give a protective effect against breast, colon, prostate, stomach, and lung cancers.*

One weakness of seed oils are their susceptibility to oxidation, reducing their benefits. Normally processed foods with high oil contents have synthetic preservative chemicals such as butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT preservative) added to stop the oils’ reactions with oxygen. These chemicals were not part of the ancestral medicine man’s kit and we believe they shouldn’t be today, either. Flaxseed does contain its own antioxidants to help prevent change but to truly ensure protection of The Liver Pill’s whole, ground flaxseed from oxidation a potent antioxidant extracted from rosemary has been added to the capsule.* To our knowledge we are the only supplement maker using this natural antioxidant.

Another ancient plant described by Dioscorides, burdock was initially found wild across Europe and Asia where its long, thick taproots have been used as food and as a source of medicine. Like so many “weeds” it has successfully migrated to and colonized North America. Here, its aspect as a food was lost but it continued to serve herbalists up into the 19th Century in maintaining the different systems of the human body. Active compounds of burdock roots include polysaccharides, and two special lignans called arctiin and arctigenin.

Arctiin & Arctigenin: These multi-phenolic molecules are the focus of burdock root pharmacological powers. While they exert effects across various human organs and systems, the liver is of key interest. Studies have shown these two compounds speed up the overall functioning of the liver in regard to its job of breaking down and removing toxins.* This improved action is accomplished by “decongesting” and reducing inflammation in this critical organ, allowing it to perform as it is supposed to.*

The enzyme PPARG regulates fatty acid storage and glucose metabolism. Burdock root arctiin and arctgenin may down-regulate PPARG, thereby reducing storage fat storage in the body.* The anti-inflammatory effects of arctiin and arctgenin also show therapeutic effects against infections, certain metabolic disorders, and even on central nervous system issues.* Both chronic and acute inflammation of organs and tissues can lead to cellular degradation. Modulation of the body’s immune/inflammation response by reducing over-production of cytokines is just one of several mechanisms known to arise from arctiin and arctgenin.* These compounds can also affect the body’s nitric oxide levels.* Studies suggest the neuro-protective effects of these compounds can cross the blood-brain barrier, and so can reduce neuron inflammations combined as well as scavenge free radicals inside the brain, offering neuroprotective effects.*

The excesses of life that were once limited to the top echelon of the tribe are now common throughout the entire nation. Our bodies weren’t prepared for the luxuries life gives us…well, luxuries compared to life thousands of years ago. The demands of our liver are great, thankfully the great plants we evolved using are still available to those wise enough to harness them.

Human/Plant Evolution The main theory of evolution is "survival of the fittest", meaning whichever organism is best suited for the ecosystem will likely out-reproduce other organisms. 



Overview of the anti-inflammatory effects, pharmacokinetic properties and clinical efficacies of arctigenin and arctiin from Arctium lappa L.

Arctium lappa Root Extract Prevents Lead-Induced Liver Injury by Attenuating Oxidative Stress and Inflammation, and Activating Akt/GSK-3β Signaling. Antioxidants

Molecular mechanisms of the action of Arctigenin in cancer.

Silybin, a Major Bioactive Component of Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum L. Gaernt.)-Chemistry, Bioavailability, and Metabolism.

Silymarin/Silybin and Chronic Liver Disease: A Marriage of Many Years.

Flax and flaxseed oil: an ancient medicine & modern functional food.

Flaxseed oil ameliorates alcoholic liver disease via anti-inflammation and modulating gut microbiota in mice.


    The Liver Pill may interact with certain medications, including antidiabetic drugs, diuretics, blood-thinning medications, lithium, and immunosuppressant drugs. It may also interact with antipsychotic drugs, anti-anxiety medications, chemotherapy drugs, statins, and blood pressure medications. In addition, the product may interact with blood-thinning medications due to its omega-3 fatty acids, with diabetes medications by enhancing their effects, with hormonal medications by interfering with their effectiveness, and with blood pressure medications by lowering blood pressure. Medical consultation is recommended before taking The Liver Pill in combination with any medication.

    *FDA Disclaimer: The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 



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