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The Story Behind Medicine Man Plant Co. and our Medicine Man Logo

We provide the primary plants and mushrooms necessary for health, not supplemental/secondary products! 

Our mission as a company is to unearth the worlds ancient plant wisdom that keep humans strong and healthy for millennia. Medicine Men have been part of every tribe, culture, and community around the world since the dawn of time. The code of the healer is to help all, and we honor that code. We have no official Tribal affiliation. Our formulations are not limited to the plants used by any one culture or region of the world, but have purposefully tap all early cultures of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Americas.

Because of the powerful healing properties of these plants, they were traded and transferred around the world, being shared with everyone. There is a distinct advantage from blending life, in that the beneficial traits presented in one population can make their way into another. The benefits that come from mixing genes from different populations are will-known. Geneticists refer to this as hybrid vigor and it applies to all living things.

Current archeological studies suggest Home sapiens first appeared 200,000 years ago in East Africa. It took 150,000 years for them to spread across Africa, Arabia, Eurasia, and Australia. The American continents were last, being reached only 15,000 years ago. These migrations around the world occurred in four great waves that both separated and brought together different peoples. Mikhail Mikhaylovich Gerasimov’s work recreating the faces of early humans from the skulls, now a modern practice used by forensic law to help identify bodies, shows a similarity of ancient features that many modern people would find surprising.

Ironically, with the mass migration occurring in our modern era, the remixing of people has brought back a new, growing similarity to our ancestors of the first 150,000 years. Scientists studying the evolution of the human face and body predict this modern mixing of genetic codes will recast our descendants in the original mold. This phenomenon can already be seen in diverse, international cities around the world.

The plants and mushrooms used by Medicine Man Plant Co. go back to the earliest times when H. sapiens were first learning about their world and the amazing flora & fungi it contained. Our Medicine Man was designed to represent the current, best understanding of those early facial features. It was designed to honor the ancient line of healers that flows back from prehistory into the expected future. To assign our medicine man to a particular culture or geographic location isn’t truly possible. He is valid for Europeans 8,000 years ago, Asians 10,000 years ago, or the earliest people awaking to the strange future that awaited them 200,000 years in the past.

Trade routes became melting pots of culture and genetics, bringing forth the best of the best in these blended worlds. The Portuguese word “pardo” means mixed-race. In Brazil, where African, European, and Indigenous populations have been mixing for centuries, almost 50% of the population identifies as pardo. We see this same mixing within the Creole communities throughout the southern US and the Caribbean, and because of globalization and ease of travel the world is becoming one big melting pot again. We tried to make our Medicine Man honor the melting pot, a non-denominational human, a pardo.

People today are more likely to live in an environment for which they are not biologically well-suited. Your specific genetic past is unique. By bringing you key plants from around the world there is a much better chance your body will get the specific compounds with which you co-evolved. The Medicine Man is here for you as he was in the past and will be in the future. This is the story, mission, and hope of Medicine Man Plant Co.

“… the herb is for the service of humans, that they may bring forth the food from the earth.”