Head Honcho: Steven Skiff


“God created me as an empath and I feel a deep connection to all people.  That is why I practice an I'm third lifestyle!" – Steven

Steven calls himself a “Heinz 57” with roots all over the world.  His father’s job had their family traveling the world during his youth, experiencing first-hand a variety of different cultures and people.  He seems to have never met a stranger and that is most likely due to his empathetic nature and strong desire to connect with people.  With dual master’s degrees in Counseling Psychology and an M.B.A., he has had an eclectic career under the healthcare umbrella.  Steven has over 20 years of experience with full-cycle healthcare systems—from clinical practice to sales, distribution, marketing and management. During these 20 years he has always challenged the establishment in search of a better way, which often led him down the path less taken.  

Since having his first bout with kidney stones as an 18-year-old college student, Steven has been on a search for an alternative path to a healthier life.  As he lay in a hospital bed for 3 days on morphine, he knew that his lifestyle and careless approach to nutrition had caused his ailments and that he needed a change.  He searched for all kinds of remedies, eventually finding an herbal supplement called “stone breaker” that helped restore his urinary and kidney health.  This set him on a path to finding other alternative medicines and an overall healthier lifestyle.  On this journey he found that a lot of the ancestral ways led him to a healthier life.  

Luckily for Steven, he married Heidi, who has similar beliefs and enjoys pursuing a natural, healthier life.  As their family has grown, they’ve taught these healthier ways to their children.  Over the years, Steven has experienced first-hand the benefits of being more connected to nature and is dedicated to bringing these benefits to others, which led him to co-found Medicine Man Plant Co.

The irony of our modern lifestyle with all its technology is that we “feel” more connected, but we are tremendously less connected to our physical environment.  At Medicine Man Plant Co. we believe that our ancestors were more connected to nature and the personal health and wellness that comes from its nutrients.  We aim to honor our ancestors by unearthing this wisdom to treat modern maladies and return our people back to strength, happiness, and health.