Texas Village Healer Initiative

Class #1: Harvesting, Drying, and Storing Herbs



Class #2: Decoctions & Tisanes


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 Pregnancy-Safe Herbs #1

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Anti-Inflammatory Perennial Herbs


Testosterone From Pines 

Wild Lettuce for Pain

Anti-Anxiety Perennial Herbs

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Blood Sugar Controlling Perennial Herbs


Blood Pressure Controlling Perennial Herbs


Self Heal aka Heals All (Prunella vulgaris)


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 Tincturing Fresh Herbs


 Scarlett Pimpernel - Once Medicinal but No Longer

Natural Health Shorts

Go Wild - Get Healthy


Mass-Produced Medicines


Throwing Things at Stuff #1


Throwing Things at Stuff #2


Benefits of Collagen


Tincturing Fresh Plants


Microdosing Mushrooms


Health Benefits of Walking in the Woods


Sunlight, Again!


Beautyberry Leaf Insect Repellent


Outside Helps Eyes