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Medicinal Plant Shorts

The Plants Told Us

Pregnancy-Safe Herbs #1

Pregnancy-Safe Herbs #2


Anti-Inflammatory Perennial Herbs


Testosterone From Pines 

Wild Lettuce for Pain

Anti-Anxiety Perennial Herbs

Anti-Microbial Perennial Herbs


Blood Sugar Controlling Perennial Herbs


Blood Pressure Controlling Perennial Herbs


Self Heal aka Heals All (Prunella vulgaris)


Pine Needles To Fight Vax Side Effects


Dandelion Medicinal Properties #1

Dandelion Medicinal Properties #2

Texas Filaree Medicinal Properties


Chelating Plants to Remove Heavy Metals

Horsetails for Joint Tissue Damage


Norepinephrine in Banana Skins

Taking Hawthorn




 Tincturing Fresh Herbs



Natural Health Shorts

Go Wild - Get Healthy


Mass-Produced Medicines


Throwing Things at Stuff #1


Throwing Things at Stuff #2


Benefits of Collagen


Tincturing Fresh Plants


Upcoming Classes


Microdosing Mushrooms


Health Benefits of Walking in the Woods



Food Plants Shorts

Eating Hostas


Eating Acorns



Human Nature Shorts

The Power of Your Senses


Help-Help or Listen-Help #1


Help-Help or Listen-Help #2


Pocket Knives



Hacks & General Science

 Reusing MMPC Bottles


Reusing MMPC Shipping Tubes 


Removing MMPC Bottle Label

Repurposing MMPC Cotton Balls #1



Importance of Gauze in First Aid


Importance of CPR

Northern Sand vs Southern Sand