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The Culinary Libertarian - Fermentation 101

Culinary Libertarian Medicine Man Plant Co Fermentation

Wise Traditions - Healing Properties of Medicinal Plants

Westin A. Price Wise Traditions Medicine Man Plant Co Vorderbruggen

Texas Monthly Magazine - The Wild Joy of Foraging My Own Food

Texas Monthly Magazine Medicine Man Plant Co Vorderbruggen


Dying to Live with Kristen Elliot - When Your Life RX is Right On

Kirsten Elliot Dying to Live Medicine Man Plant Co. Vorderbruggen

AGE Ucational - Foraging for Brain Health

Medicine Man Plant Co. Vorderbruggen

Voyage Houston - Meet Dr. Mark “Merriwether” Vorderbruggen


What's Up with DJ - What is Cavemanosity

David 'DJ' Lloyd Jr. Medicine man Plant Co. Vorderbruggen

Health in the Real World with Chris Janke - Living Off the Land

Chris Janke Medicine Man Plant Co

Chase Your Dream with Soumen Sengupta - The Medicine Man

Medicine Man Plant Co. Chase Your Dream

Undefined with Keagan Bouwer - Living Like a Caveman, Foraging, and Mushrooms

Undefined Medicine Man Plant Co

Chef Grace's Place - Foraging for Ingredients & Evolution

Chef Grace's Place Medicine Man Plant Co

Houston Museum of Natural Science - Behind the Bones  Evolutionary Needs of Our Bodies

Medicine Man Plant Co Houston Museum of Natural Science


STACKED with Coach Joe DiStefano  Medicinal Plants & The Health Benefits of Foraging

Coach Joe DiStefano Medicine Man Plant Co Podcast


Drink and Grow Rich with Sean Lowery  The Past, Present, and Future of Humans

Medicine Man Plant Co. and Sean Lowery Drink and Grow Rich


Fancy Scientist  Backyard Medicine

Medicine Man Plant Co Fancy Scientist

The Muscle Maven  Ginger for Expecting and New Mothers

TheMuscle Maven Medicine Man Plant Co


Feeding Fatty  Act old to stay young - why you need to be a caveman


Land Ethic Podcast  Interpretations of Nature 



 Jaded 80's Child  Foraging Life!


Explaining People  How Living Off the Land and 'Acting Ancient' Improves Your Health



Toolbox for Teens  Identification, Chemistry, Prevention, and Care of Poison Ivy



True Stories & Science  Little Known Secrets of Poisonous Plants 

Medicine Man Plant Co. Evin Weiss Vorderbruggen


10 Minute Leaders  Leadership Tips from a Forager


Happiness is Easy  What Would A Caveman Do?

Medicine Man Plant Co. Happiness is Easy


I Know You Podcast  Cavemaning in the Woods


The Garden Path  Growing Medicinal Herbs



Shoutout Houston Texas  Interview with Mark Merriwether Vorderbruggen, Ph.D.



Epic Gardening Podcast

Epic Gardening - Herbs and the Immune System

Epic Gardening - Elderberry the King 

Epic Gardening - Echinacea the Queen 

Epic Gardening - Garlic the Knight 

Epic Gardening - Turmeric the Bishop 

Epic Gardening - Heal's All the Magician! 

Epic Gardening - How to Make and Use Herbal Preparations 



The Culinary Libertarian Grow freedom!



My Harris County with Leslie Chapman (starts 7:13 minutes)



 Texas Country Reporter Texas Forager

 Texas Country Reporter with Dr. Mark Merriwether Vorderbruggen