We'll Make it Right

Refunds available up to 45 days after purchase.

The Medicine Man Plant Co. commitment to you is we’ll always make it right, both on our end and yours. The primary goal of medicine men through history was to do whatever they could to maintain the health of their tribe. This is still our goal. To accomplish this, we seek out the highest-quality plants and mushrooms and acquired them responsibly & sustainably. Third-party testing insures the purity of these components before final blending. State of the art manufacturing facilities located in Texas and California create everything following the most current government standards of Good Manufacturing Practices and then checked again with an extra round of quality control testing. Even the glass bottles were chosen to avoid any potential chemical leaching that could occur from plastic bottles, plus the recycling of glass is easier to accomplish making it an Earth-friendly container. Any additives to these capsules were picked after deep study confirming they were absolutely necessary and then only natural product additives were used rather than any sort of synthetic, lab-made preservative of flow agent.

Our promise of making it right continues on to your use of our products. The plants & mushrooms have been used since ancient times but the specific plant choices, dosage, and natural bioavailability enhancements are all based on modern scientific research to ensure the best possible results. If you feel they haven’t performed as expected please reach out to us and we’ll partner hard with you to find something that does. Our #1 goal is to be your trusted medicine man, to support and maintain you on your journey to the healthy body and mind you deserve. Nothing else matters to us as much as that